Molecular Banana Split   

This molecular gastronomy dessert is a dramatic way to enjoy a classic favorite, the banana split.

Dessert Molecular gastronomy
Difficulty: Easy 15 min 350 cal

Steps of Preparation: 1. Cut banana in half and place it onto a plate. 2. Freeze the ice cream for about 30 minutes. 3. Sprinkle the chocolate chips onto the banana. 4. Sprinkle the caramelized sugar onto the banana. 5. Place the ice cream onto the banana. 6. Sprinkle the jelly onto the ice cream. 7. Serve immediately.

Ingredients: - 1 banana - 1 cup ice cream - 1 tablespoon chocolate chips - 1 tablespoon caramelized sugar - 1 tablespoon cherry jelly

* Ingredients for one person.

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